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Marriage Transformation Stories: A Revived and Thriving Marriage of Renewed Love and Faith

Marriage transformation stories often begin with a journey of ups and downs, twists and turns that test the strength and resilience of the bond between two individuals.  My wife Kath and I had all those and more; our marriage faced more than our share of challenges over the years, some easy, some not so easy, and some would think almost impossible to overcome.  However, it was through the power of proper counseling and finding unfound faith that we could navigate through the most brutal of marital storms and ultimately emerge stronger than ever before. Our journey toward healing began when we sought Christian counseling from Jake and Jennifer, a couple who specialized in guiding struggling marriages back on track.  For two years, we diligently attended

Transforming a Troubled Marriage: A Journey of Healing: How Can Forgiveness Transform Your Troubled Marriage?

“We were so in love when we started dating, but by our wedding night, both of us knew we had made a mistake.” Just because your marriage had a lousy start doesn’t mean it has to have a lousy finish. By Tim Bush Sex on the First Date. It’s not the ideal way to start a marriage, but you probably know that. What you may not know is that just because your marriage had a lousy start doesn’t mean it has to have a lousy finish. Our marriage has never been perfect, and our guess is that neither has yours. During the first 27 years of our marriage, we were on a search to find ourselves through drugs, alcohol, multiple affairs, and many failed self-help

Rebuilding a Christian Marriage after Painful Experiences

When I was growing up, I said that I believed in God, but I didn’t understand my beliefs. I really connected church with God, though I actually attended very little. I thought church was either for the really good people or for the weaker people who needed something. In my mind, it was something I was going to work on later, when I was older. Older people seemed to be the ones that went to church anyway, maybe, I thought, because they had nothing else to do. We seemed to go an average of about 1.3 times a month, which means once a month, on Christmas, on Easter, and sometimes in “big hurts” when we were searching for something, but we didn’t know what. As

Understanding Emotional Affairs

Table of Contents Understanding Emotional Affairs Childhood Experience Teenage Years Married Life Turning Point Understanding Emotional Affairs In my mind, it’s really sharing anything personal with any member of the opposite sex other than my spouse. Remember, emotional affairs usually begin as friendships. They can happen anywhere—at work, at church, in the neighborhood—, but wherever they happen, they send us down a very slippery slope, and we need to be extra careful because they can come from anywhere and can become an extremely close call…or worse. Childhood Experience I first saw emotional affairs when I was a kid, courtesy of Pop, my grandfather, modeling them for me. My childhood was pretty broken. I had a lot of stepdads and ended up living with my grandparents.

Ways to Make Our Marriage Last: Doing It Right

Over our 41 years—and counting—of making our marriage last, I spent more time doing things wrong instead of right. At first, I came across as a real gentleman by doing the little things like opening doors, putting Kath on the inside of me on the sidewalk, really listening to her, and talking for hours. With all these things, I stole her heart; however, almost immediately after the wedding, the listening and the talking were over, which left her isolated as I went to other places for my relationships, even to other members of the opposite sex. It took me 27, mostly disappointing, years to grow into the man Kath thought she married. When the boy I was became a man at 47, it was time