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How your childhood affects your marriage: Unveiling the past

How your childhood affects your marriage is evident, as our past experiences and upbringing significantly shape the dynamics of our relationships, particularly in marriage. The influences we were exposed to growing up can affect how we perceive and navigate relationships. In this article, we will explore how two very different childhoods shaped the marriage of Kath and me, yet both brought challenges into the union, starting from day one. We go into much greater detail in chapters two and three of our book, “Sex on the First Date.”

Unresolved Childhood Issues: The Hidden Burdens We Brought to Our Marriage

My Upbringing: Growing up, my childhood was marked by a series of changes and challenges that led to many transitions and even a survival mentality that started at a very young age, say 4-6 years old, since I was exposed to many stepfathers over the years. This also created a sense of instability and inconsistency. Being abused and also seeing abuse was a normal day occurrence. I lacked a constant male role model to look up to and learn from, which left me feeling unsure about what a healthy relationship should look like. The dysfunctional dynamics I witnessed at home left a lasting impact on my understanding of marriage, and I carried these unresolved issues into my own marriage relationship. When you think of it, how could I not carry it in?

Kath’s Upbringing: Kath had a very different upbringing. Her parents provided a stable and nurturing environment where both parents were present and actively involved in her upbringing. Kath grew up seeing a healthy and loving relationship between her mom and dad, serving as positive role models for what marriage could be. With a strong foundation built on love, respect, and what seemed like daily communication, Kath entered marriage with a clearer understanding of what a successful marriage relationship looked like. She wanted to be just like her mom and thought I’d be just like her dad. Why wouldn’t she?

The Impact of Upbringing on Marital Dynamics and Communication

We had very different perspectives: The contrasting backgrounds of Kath and myself inevitably influenced how we perceived and approached our marriage. While Kath saw what she looked at as a healthy marriage relationship to draw from, I struggled with many unresolved issues, especially trust, as not many positive examples ever came to mind to grab onto. This led to differences in expectations, communication, and conflict resolution styles. We didn’t talk about much after we got married for over two decades. Kath was out of fear, and I was out of wanting to be dominant. We never shared our childhood hurts until we had been married for over 20 years, yet it shaped us both into a survival-mode mindset. Neither of us could fully love the other because of so much deep down hidden past, a past that broke us to the point of almost total darkness.

Overcoming the Influence of Childhood on Our Marriage

The impact on our marriage: The issues in our respective childhoods and recognizing them as unresolved were the first steps toward healing and growth. Through open and honest communication, meaning hearing each other and understanding the deep hurts in those early years, actually mourning with the other over these things, started us in the right direction. Kath and I worked together to address the underlying issues affecting our relationship. Seeking therapy, the right kind, as we had had so much of the wrong kind, our faith was strengthened, which also caused trust in each other we’d never shared prior. We started navigating our differences differently and building a stronger bond based on understanding and empathy centered on faith.

Breaking the Cycle: How Our Past Shaped Our Legacy for Future Generations

Our past experiences shape who we are and how we interact with the world around us, including all our relationships, not just marriage. Understanding the influence of our upbringing on the dynamics of our marriage relationship can help us overcome our challenges and give us more perspective on having deeper connections with our life partners. By acknowledging how your childhood affects your marriage and actively working towards positive change, we can build a resilient and fulfilling partnership that has the power to transform our legacies.  In fact, by realizing your spouse is not your enemy and getting the focus off each other more on where some of these behaviors have come from, these changes you make could make an impact on generations yet to come. Are you interested in helping future generations and not being stuck in the past? So are we. Never quit. 

Read our book and see how we did it. Don’t wait as long as we did.

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